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Help others learn the skills to be empowered

The Empowered, Simply Podcast

Empowered Simply Podcast
Empowered Simply Podcast
Ep. 04 - Strengths and Weaknesses

What is Empowered, Simply?

Empowered, Simply (website and resources) was created to share essential skills for pursuing your goals.  The format is designed to be straightforward and usable (Simple).  Listeners will be able to grow through learning and application of these skills and applying them to the realities of your life (Empowered).

Empowered, Simply is designed to support individuals who accept that there is always room to learn and grow and that YOU have the critical role in that process. 

Empowered, Simply resources will not provide “quick fixes” or “magic pills”.  Rather, Empowered, Simply means listeners will work on growing a powerful skill set and discover a framework to make lasting personal change.

Empowered, Simply will share usable information to support your learning and growth, such as in in 20-40 minute episodes in the Empowered, Simply Podcast.  The resources and episodes will serve as a guide for becoming more empowered.  Resources will be available in video, audio, and text formats.

Let us support you in becoming
Empowered, Simply.